The Chinese Water Market has been growing at huge growth rates for several years. Recently this has even been accelerated, not least due to substantially, increasing regulatory demands by the Chinese Government, a.o. following the launch of the Water Ten Action Plan. Accordingly, this market is considered to be one of the most important major markets to access for European Water Tech Companies, not only to gain market shares, but also to be closely connected to the strong, innovative momentum which is being released during these years in China.

The China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) Business and Innovation Program will during 2019-2021 focus on three, selected market segments for water technologies: Industrial Water Use in 2019, Urban Water (Sponge Cities, Wastewater Treatment, Leakage Reduction) in 2020 and Rural Water (Water for the Agricultural Sector, and Water Supply and Sanitation Systems for Towns and Villages ) 2021. The aim is at the same time to contribute to creation
of a well-functioning market, to support building of Chinese-European Innovation-oriented partnerships and to facilitate the entry for European Companies to the Chinese Market.

At the core of the Business and Innovation Program, attention will be paid to solutions, which addresses the needs and challenges of the future, including a focus on application of circular economy approaches, the perspectives of digitalization, climate change resilience, supporting the UN SDGs and establishment of frameworks for business-cases. Through Open Innovation Meets, relation-building between Chinese and European Water Sector will be facilitated.

On November 5th-6th, CEWP Business and Innovation Program will have side-events @Aquatech Amsterdam, one on Doing Business in China and one session to launch the 2020 Urban Water Program.
The Urban Water Program will have the following elements, with concrete venues still to be decided:
 1Q, 2020 – Information Event(s) in China, to be held in the two regions, where the Tech Expos will take place
 2Q, 2020 – Side-event at Tech Expo#1, China (Aquatech Shanghai is June 3rd-5th, 2020)
 3Q, 2020 – Side-event at Tech Expo#2, China
 4Q, 2020 – Side-event @IWA World Congress, Copenhagen – combined with inviting Chinese organizations to other European countries

The Side-events will include at least three activities:
- Plenary Session and technical side-events of the Tech Expos, where the CEWP side-events will be scheduled, with opportunities for your company to take an active role
- B2B Matchmaking, undertaken in co-operation with Enterprise Europe Network, with additional profiling of your company in the Twin Fair Handbook as well as opportunities for having your own booth
- CEWP Future Market Session with comprehensive discussions reg upcoming challenges for resilient long-term solutions: climate change, circular economy, digital transformation, strengthened regulatory framework.
- CEWP Open Innovation Meetings where Challenge Owners will present concrete cases, which will be thoroughly discussed with selected Water Technology Suppliers. Your company can be one of them.

On November 7th-8th, CEWP will have its Annual High-Level Meeting and an adjoined Business Forum in Guimaraes, Portugal. Here, a large Chinese Business delegation will take part, allowing for important relation-building and B2B matchmaking. You will find more details about this in the Initiates file downloadflyer.

For more Information please check the website www.cewp.eu